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Dem Bones

I was struck by these palm trees and pink desert tropical hills. It's like a cartoon Las Vegas. The Ed Sullivan Sun points to Bones after introducing him to the crowd with a big send up.

I keep thinking "rattle dem bones," like people when they rattle your bones or try to upset you or tease you. Death is having a bit of fun with people doing his dinner show in Las Vegas on a parquet stage, complete with a high stepping dance down colourful platforms, waving his pink sickle like a stripper waves a boa constrictor.

He's now going to perform a soft shoe around those skulls, and on the lowest platform, what looks like an ocean wave. Catch the wave all you surfer dudes, you're in for the ride of your life.

Bonesy's gonna dance for you and you will be forever different, forever changed by the memory of his extravaganza in Vegas.
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