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The short essay if you can get it

called Tarot Trumps and the Holy Grail by Margaret Starbird makes for a fast read and summaries of such information, as well. Mostly regarding Mary Magdalene stories and coming to France...

I may be wrong, but the stories might have even circulated among Giotto in Sienna circa 1300 and he made have painted on this subject.

The highlight of the small book for me is the shortness and pretty modern cards that she used for the illustrations. I believe she did write this as a thesis for her university studies.

She uses very pretty reproduction designs of the "Charles VI" cards from David Innes' collection and Tarot book. The 23 reproductions were done in the 1980s and shows samples of the line drawing and color version. Some cards appear in a Dover Book collection of historical playing card samples, David Inne's "Tarot" book and Margaret Starbird's texts.

I'm only letting you know so if you pick up books and wander into this subject area, there are probably many passionate proponents of such things...and in the twentieth century, they ended up writing about the poor mad king Charles VI and his beloved spouse trying to distract him with playing cards...which some people had written as tarot cards..


P.S. If you ever want to know too much about the Charles VI cards from tarot fans who like the Italian side of the historical decks, the actual old deck is pictured in Christine Oleson's Art of the Tarot and one historic catalogue. A hopefully nice reproduction might come out from Lo Scarabeo in 2004.
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