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refuting Gnostic/MM Tarot

Regarding the flap around The da Vinci Code, it is good to remember that I wrote those chapters for my book in 1997-8, I was closer to the current excited state of excited discovery than I am now. The intervening time has injected some "grounding" into the heady sentiments which surround these issues.

In point of fact, There is no way that serious scholars can prove that "Mary Magdalen came to Europe after Christ was crucified". No matter how one stretches, squeezes, or twirls the evidence, it does not make a continuous thread between the Crucifixion and the legend of MM in Europe. Many elements that make up the legend are true enough, but they do not "add up" well enough to prove anything. As a very spiritually-attuned, critically-minded scientist friend of mine says [this is Bob O'Neill], the Catholic Church made a lot of money off of that legend, which immediately raises suspicion among the hard-headed. He also reminds me that the Eastern Orthodox Church also has a legend of MM's travels and long life after the Crucifixion, including her ministry among the Eastern Europeans, and a gravesite. But they never made her into a carnival side-show or a source of income for the priesthood! He says, "watch the money, then go in the opposite direction!"

My ordaining Bishop, Dr. Lewis Keizer, ( also strives to dispel the mythos around MM, not so much because he takes a stand on ~her~ one way or the other, but because of the confusion of ideas that pulls the concept of 'the Grail' into so many distorted shapes. He resents the settling of this powerful, numinous, esoteric concept onto a person or a physical object, because he feels that "the Grail" would be the << energy of blessing and illumination>> that Christ infused into the communion cup and established for his followers, which energy is still available to us today. For Dr. Keizer, there is no "special mojo" that can be sent through the generations because of "having the same DNA as Christ", since the reason for Jesus' illumination was not materially-based (any more than was Buddha's or Lao Tzu's, for example). Nevertheless, Keizer does not feel that even a 'drop' of LIGHT from the Grail Revelation has been lost, and any heartful soul can connect with it again, should they choose to move beyond the worldly "forms" and seek it in their own Inner Sanctum. He would also wish me to add that any "new" information added to the discovery of the member's list of the Priory of Sion -- all the tantalizing stuff that has been thrown onto that fire since the 1930's -- is spurious and opportunistic. (There was an article published in issue #51 of Gnosis Magazine which documents the modern manipulations of that theme. See "The Priory of Sion Hoax" by Robert Richardson.)

My beef with the Catholic stance (the anti-MM approach of the modern clergy as well as the Middle Ages exploitation of her legend) is that in every case, ~people feel they have to make her into a reformed prostitute~ before her story can be "interesting" to Christians. Personally, this drives me crazy! I mean, the Jesus Commission has made it clear that Master Jesus was an Initiate of the Egyptian Mysteries, as is evident from the vocabulary that he used in the few quotes of his we can *for sure* attribute to him. Therefore, we have to understand his exorcisms and the act of "removing seven devils" from MM in that light. (Haskins says this is a conflation of other people's stories onto MM, by the way.)

Being an intelligent, educated, self-made businesswoman myself, it is hard to miss the huge patriarchal overlay that continuously presses down upon MM, not only in her own times, but forever afterwards. No wonder she is having to "break out" through channeled manuscripts and visionary revelations! Not a door is open to her in any of the Churches that grew up in the footprints of this Apostle to the Apostles. It's a sad commentary on the state of humanity, but so common as to be invisible, like the air.

As to the Albigensian connection, there has been concerted work by Bob O'Neill (of _Tarot Symbolism_ fame) to refute, deny, and cancel Margaret Starbird's work outright. I consider his outlook on this subject to be representative of his "dinosaur" subpersonality, in that his pose of objective scientism sometimes gets in the way of him letting in what is actually there. Nevertheless, there is value in his article on the subject, which can be seen at (follow the link "about tarot" to the Library). He also shares an article about the Confraternities, which appears to be his way of admitting-while-not-admitting that there *might have been* enclaves of Gnostics harbored amongst the Cathars (read: secret societies) (but not, repeat not, the Albigensians!)
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