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Phantasmagoric Theater - Queen of Coins

Is anyone else interested in restarting this study group?

A few days ago, in hopes of gaining some insight into a friend's motivations, I drew The Queen of Coins. (You can see the card here.) Graham Cameron introduces her as Katherine. She's definitely a queen--she looks rather posh. There's a little crown on her head and she wears jewelery, gloves and a sort of fur coat. Seven coins and a die lie on the table in front of her, and she's put her hand on two of the coins. I take all that to mean she's a woman of wealth and status who likes very much to be in control. Oddly enough - and this took me a while to realize - she's also wearing a mime's make-up. Her coat is even striped black and white like a mime's outfit. I'm not sure what this shows exactly, but I like to think it symbolizes Katherine's quirky, independent side.

If I had to relate this card to my friend, I'd read the card as if it came up reversed. My friend is feeling poor and deprived. He was once in control (and I know control and independence are VERY important to him) but now things are slipping away from him--money, luck, his entire life. And he finds it increasingly difficult to find solace in his creative endeavors.


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