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Great Marilyn.

We can see Marilyn staying alone on the top of the heal. He is taking the light in his right hand (giving hand). He gives his wisdom and inner light to others, share it. The light - it is human's consciousness.
The boundaries that we have been building in order to separate the sky from the ground, mind from matter, the real from the unreal, - it is just convention. But if we create a boundary, we can just as easily destroy them.
He began his way from the bottom from the darkness part of his way. Dark shadow is running down from Marilyn's Wand. From a simple space, he created a bunch of energy (Magic ball on his wand), he reached to the top of his self-learning, transforming energy into solid objects, and vice versa. He reached the top of his magical abilities. Making solid magic ball from different types of energy he created the tool which helped him to see past, present and future. Through magical ball he began to understand and see things other people were not able to realize.
He proclames that everything is in our efforts we can put things under our control can be Masters of our life, turning it the way we like.

Basis for the plot of Marilyn's wand has become a legend of a struggle of the two dragons that he discerned when he was a kid. But I do not see dragons, there are two Snakes taking magical ball. There is another green Snake with something look like egg its mouth, in right side of the card. It refers me to the Old Druid legend and rite.
Snake was considered like a symbol embodies eternity, rebirth, fertility. Its spiral tale is the symbol of motion, the rotation of our lives, which with the help of self-developing rises in a spiral. This evolutionary process is the creation of a world in which the first act of creation should be a series of follow-up.
Due to druid legend in summer many snakes gather together in one place, gum saliva and mucus and their bodies intertwined in a close ball - «snake egg». Hissing serpents throw this egg in the air, and then the human had to catch it in the mantle before it touches the ground. Human caught snake egg, had to flee because the snake chased him until they were not blocking the path of a river. (I see thin line of white-blue river behind green Snake on the card). This egg was considered a Druid like a wonderful thing helping win the litigation and receive patronage powers.
So that Marilyn has got magical power and authority, getting this magical ball (Snake egg).

And the last. Marilyn's light made in the form of Sandglass clock. Sandglass primarily a symbol of time over life, understanding how much us out, and go left. Sandglass shows the grain disappears allotted to us in this world, and that sooner or later fall last crumb, and before that happens you need to have time to do everything in this life, so that nothing was regrettable.

This Sandglass tells us we should be in a hurry, because the time is flowing very quickly. We have the ONLY life in order to be on time, to develop oneself and our possibilities. We should gather them in the only ball and share with others.
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