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Been a bit stopped on the study (too much work now that summer is here!), but here i am again, trying to learn a bit more about this fantastic deck!! More and more in love with it...

Originally Posted by spinningspider
I'm generally assured that things are either brighter than I thought or surely will be so soon.

There's simply too much positive energy exuding from it to be completely negative.
I think it's my fav card on the deck...
I agree with spinningspider.
For me this is a very positive card indeed. The Sun is shinning and the joyfull smile on the kid's face is just delightfull! Whenever i see this card coming on my (yet small) readings, i start smiling and think: "hehee whatever happens... i'll be having a ball"!!
For me it means: super (i mean suuuper!!) joy, fun and detachement (i mean, detachment from grown up things), pureness (in all aspects)

this is what i can say for now... But, i believe it has a bigger/deeper meaning. I need to see what it means when it falls in future and more complex readings, when i get more experience
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