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Phantasmagoric Theater - Seven of Wands

I drew three cards we've already covered today, and since I used up my month card on Tues. this is just a random card- but a cool one, nonetheless:-)

Graham's booklet says: "Three members of the Fire Wand Circus stand outside Fingerpin's headquarters. Somehow, the bridges enabling them to reach headquarters have disappeared. They have no choice but to tackle the problem. They must learn how to solve it before they can move on.
Divinitory Meaning: The Seven of Wands encourages us to make an effort when we are confronted by obstacles.
Reverse Meaning: Ignoring important issues, hesitation."

I enjoy playing adventure games, many of which are done in a cartoon style similar to Graham's. If you've ever played one you will know what I mean when I say that this card reminds me a lot of being stuck (sometimes for days) staring at the same puzzle and trying to figure out what to do. This usually involves: 1. Talking to someone. Either someone new you hadn't thought to talk to before, or someone you haven't talked to since your situation changed. 2. Looking for a new item to add to your inventory 3. Trying to use inventory items in ways you hadn't previously considered; either on the enviornment, with another inventory item (combining them), or by giving one to a character who might use it in a helpful way.
It's kind of interesting how applicable these methods are to solving problems in real life.
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