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Exclamation Beginners look at the Ten Of Swords.

I have only just recently started studying the Tarot, and just purchased my very first deck (the rider) just a few days ago. Taking some advice on learning the cards from another thread, I dedicated a notebook to writing down the in formation about a different card every day, and using that as a daily guide.

Tonight was my very first attempt. You can imagine my dismay at drawing the Ten of Swords as my first daily reading. I was put a little at ease however when I looked up the meaning in J. Bunnings "Learning the Tarot" The description of the days problems being "more melodramatic than real" made the card alot easer to bear.

The reason I'm posting is that while studying the symbolism of the card I noticed that one of the wrinkles on the dead mans shirt VERY closely resembles the greek symbol omega. The last letter. The end. I was wondering if this is just my imagination seeing things that are not there there, or is this a widely recognized symbol in this particular card. I haven't seen it referenced anywhere so far.

If this has been posted before I apologize for the repeat in advance. I did a quick topic search but did not yield any results. Thanks Everyone!
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