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Lightbulb Quantum Tarot: 11 Justice - Planck's Constant

A closer look at the meaning of the Justice card : Balance and Firmness are traditional keywords for this card.

Justice card # XI begins the metaphysical world of the Major Arcana. With the influence of Libra on this card, balance is brought in to play.

On the left-hand wall of what seems to be an underground cave a purple shadow is cast that at first glance appears to be the astrological sign for Saturn, the planet of contradiction and destruction.

Then one discovers that this sign also resembles the "h Bar' of Plank's solution referred to in the notebook. Plank has brought balance and understanding into an area of physics where there was previously none.

So contradiction is demonstrated in this wall shadow.

The sword in the hand of the woman is a symbol of masculine energy and intellect. She is holding the point of the knife towards the ground, so it is not to be used for any aggression reason, simply to clarify her intellect.

We should use the sword to cut through our prejudices, in order to analyse a situation rationally.

The woman of shadow is looking directly at the scales that are in a balance, as shown, enabling us to weigh up a situation with fairness, in order to achieve harmony. She is holding the scales in the way one might hold a lantern, in order to shine a light on what she needs to see.

A flat circle of light, possibly spinning, is suspended in front of her feet, and she appears about to leap or step into the centre of this light, where she may gain the balance that she seeks.

Time to get rid of baggage, and to look at the areas of our lives that may be out of balance. What goes around comes around, and we need to find the appropriate compensation to balance a situation.

A reminder to do the right thing. To treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.

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