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I'm sorry, but I don't find enough in your first post to be convinced of what you are saying and like most others here, I don't have any German to read the second. If the meat of your case is there, could I ask you to re-state it in English.

On a side note, I am always cautious when people describe what are - or what they take to be - ancient beliefs as being wisdom. In your case an "ageless wisdom device". I've read many ancient beliefs and have found it impossible to call many of them either knowledge or wise. It is the difference between the knowledge of what some people believed being of direct practical value to us now or only of value in understanding the past. The claim that tarot represents "Ancient Wisdom" is a common one but I never seem to find anyone qualifying the claim of wisdom over just past belief. I do not want to seem to be putting down the importance of understanding the past, far from it, but the qualification of wisdom is a separate matter.

With regards to this statement: "they are about to strip the Tarot from any meaning other than that it was meant to be an amusing card play for the upper class in 15th century Italy and some parts of Europe..." you seem to rather play down the significance of tarot's gaming history. I would point out that while tarot began as a game for the upper class in 15th century Italy, that quickly changed as production costs lowered and the games spread rapidly and far from being played in just "parts of Europe" they continue to be played throughout a significant portion of it: Italy and Sicily, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Austria, Hungary, Germany, France, and Denmark.
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