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Hola TdM Lover, welcome new voices and new questions to this thread.
Thank you very much for his work with the images.

I feel that Dodal original is not the original frameless lines.

The idea is to as is the original design and size, although some women complain that their hands are small, although many are enamored of Noblet has a design and size more enjoyable for them.

According to what I saw, the size of the image inside the frame (not the card, but, the inside) is 12 or 12.1 cm and 5.95 or 6.1 cm depending on the case because not all pairs of images, ranging from arcane to arcane.

If my data are not true, thank you let me know, I would make a great favor, because we have time to corrections.

I found exactly the dog's mouth? mmmmm, I show to see if we share reviews.

Whiskers not so (do not think), a tree leaf that gets you closer to your friend? (mmm, a contribution of vitality, it will say the other cards) it is tearing the clothes? as the detail is very ambiguous, is a piece of linen shaped leaf, and not just as white is purity and coldness, but ambiguity, leave this detail painted white or unpainted, as is that Dodal used to this color.

The vivid blue that you see, is watching the digital color subsides once printed, the colors are not exactly historical, but very nice in group of cards in vivo. Can read well and the colors are well defined.

On the questions left in the graph.

A- What could this be?

- This is a detail even debatable, suggestion of a friend Dodal mad lover.
We could make a rating if the notion of movement, including (accidentally present) in the BnF, is necessary or is a redundancy in this picture FULL of movement.

B- Flesh coloured?

- Is also questionable, wear or bad paint, I do not need to leave that little space, is part of trousers, or you have any theory you want to tell us?

Is not your question but the dog / cat according Flornoy is a civet (a mixture of cat-like marsupial), so domestic use in Europe for hunting rats, ancestor familiar european from whence they draw the Kopi Luwak.

Saludos Amantes TdM
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