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Originally Posted by quintessence
The Chariot has done some solid work. A captain of enterprise, he has fired up the factories in the background with his hard labor which shows on his helmet. Now he stands poised, facing the future staunchly, ready to "go where no man has gone before." It's not just moving forward, it's moving forward with steely resolve. The expression is mature, knowing the potential bumps in the road, a seasoned traveller, not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants adrenaline junkie. A road warrior.
yes bright mention.

We can not see legs and hands this chariot is pushing by only by means of the force of mind (one steam tower behind his head = Ace of wands). As to the classical meaning.
His horns really look like steam towers behind his head. He looks like steam locomotive who pushed forward thanks to the internal heating furnace.
He is looking for a way out of the vicious wheel of cause and effect, and the success that he will reach will be the result of his efforts, but not the case.

This card regards to the meaning of the astrological sign Cancer, which hides his richness of the inner world, under a strong Saturn Panzer (two horns on his head look like Devil's horns - Saturn horns), keeping it from external influences, contributing to the soul of doubt about the correct choice of the path. He is well protected and conserved in the armor, because Cancer is diffident in his powers sign and astrology advises him to become a warrior, replacing the passive defensive system of Saturn, the active creative, which corresponds to Mars and begin to act . Because if he chooses positioners defensive (we see a wheel, like a shield on his side), but not aggressive, he would deprive himself of many opportunities in life.
He collected and concentrated on what he is doing, not being distracted by external noise. Shield protects him from the world.

We can see two steam towers just before his head = 2 of wands.
It means - "Do not stop, move forward, grab for your chance and do not abide in uncertainty. See well what moves to meet you and do not lose ground against". At the same time, it cautioned that we should not rush headlong into the adventure, which may be untimely and destructive, which can lead to defeat, sometimes passivity can be productive. Should search for opportunities and force himself not to miss the opportune moment and win.
He knows that this victory will be difficult. We can see one sharp beak on the armor = Ace of Sword.

We can see three bolts on the left side of the shield = 3 of coins and two bolts on the right side of the shield = 2 of coins. Decision of the new project has come but caution and indecision not give to move on, shackled this knight, armor kept him under frames.
This card symbolizes the awakening of the hero, who finds a way to himself, the main thing for him is to overcome his internal barriers and begin to act. 2 sharp horns on his head = 2 swords (barriers). Also it means "combination of opposites", which confers rights of independent destiny, able to manage others.

As I told before Cancer is not different sign in his forces, it is important for him to maintain a balance, to be collected for a new roll, and act cautiously, he needs support and the approval of their actions on the part of others, the vanity inherent in a chariot comes just from it.
We can see small wheel in front of the big one. It reminds me my childhood and my first adult two wheels bicycle presented by my parents.
That bicycle had two wheels but on the safe side my father fitted third small one aside in order to safe me from disbalance and falling down till I feel strong on the main two wheels.

This small wheel on the card is look like small military mine detector, which allowed forward in front of a large tank, so that he did not hit a mine.
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