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Douglas Rhys: According to the book: the white-headed raven is an alchemical figure.

"The raven signifies a process called the nigredo, or blackening, a stage of putrefaction, decay and darkness which was essential to the process."

This stage represents "...the withdrawal of energy from outer concerns which precedes all creative flowering and spiritual development. This is a phase which is the Hermit's domain, a phase which lays the foundations for future events."

"The raven's head is white, symbolizing the enlightenment and wisdom to be gained through what may be a challenging and lonely time." and symbolizes protection through the underworld journey.
Welcome to Aeclectic Douglas and many thanks for that info.

I had no idea that alchemical symbolism had been incorporated into this deck. This white-headed raven is very apt for the Hermit. Wondering now if there are any other cards with unrecognised alchemical symbols in them.

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