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Marteau book

Difficult to post link to eBay b/c I already purchased the book, and now I only have access to the info through My eBay. Anyway, I think this might be the 1949 version b/c the seller's description says: "There are paper prints attached to pages that look like they may be tarot cards" and "Book has a copyright date of 1949."

My first question (which I guess may be answered when I get the book): is this the actual 1949 version or were there later versions with glued in prints? I combed this thread for answers already. The bateleur card looks a lot like the 1981 version on the Flornoy site (but that was printed onto the book's page) however the bateleur's hat in in the book I just bought has green rather than blue.

My second question: how hard is it to find a 1949 version of the book?
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