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Congratulations letranger!
This is surely a very nice book.

It seems as if on each copy of Marteaus book, you can find a print date.
For example I have four copy of the book, each has a different date:
Mai 1949
20 September 1970
15 July 1977
29 March 1984

Of course the copyright for the book is always 1949.

My copy of the 1949 edition has glued cards on the pages.
The pictures are from the Marteau Grimaud deck.
Probably like yours.

The 1970 edition is somewhat specail as it has also glued cards, but the picture of the cards are exactly the same as the A. Camoin bi-centenary Edition of the Conver deck that Camoin produced about 1968 from the wood plates!
I also have a copy of this bi-centenary edition and thes are exactly the same pictures.
(I believe I once wrote a post about this but don't know where)

The 1977 and 1984 edition have both the pictures of the Marteau-Grimaud deck normally printed on the pages.
The 1984 edition has a yellow hardcover and a black dust jacket with the bateleur.

On the last printed page of the 1949 edition it says:

d'imprimer, à Paris, en mai 1949, sur
les presses de la SOCIÉTÉ D'IMPRIMERIE
PARISIENNE. Les lames figurant dans
cet ouvrage ont été imprimées par
La couverture concue par REMY PEIGNOT
et gravée par GILBERT POILLIOT
a été tirée par l'IMPRIMERIE LA RUCHE
(A. et P. JARAGH)


No 000883

It means that the book has been printed by the Société d'Imprimerie Parisienne
The glued cards have been printed by B. J. Grimaud
The cover has been printed by La Ruche.

So the printing of the cards is expressly mentioned.

I have no idea if there are copy of the 1949 edition with normal printed pictures.

The theory of Flornoy described here:
is quite interesting but as said before my copy with the same glued cards as shown on Flornoys site and dated with 1949 is from 1970!

Flornoy mentions the existence of a early edition from 1929 with glued cards from Camoin.
I would be really interested to see such a copy.

The hat of the bateleur is always green on each edition of the Marteau Grimaud deck.
On Flornoys site it seems to be blue but I guess this is only a technical scan thing.

To your second question: I have seen several times on ebay copy of the edition with the Marteau-Grimaud glued cards.
Not very often but several times, with the mention of glued cards.
I have the feeling that the edition with the Camoin-Conver glued cards does not appear very often

Best regards
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