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The Devil is the coagulation, the material fleshy stuff that contains what is really us. It is the red dragon that has irons clapped to the ankle of the HermAphrodite union of III-The Empress and IV-The Emperor, and is an obstacle between them and overcoming their enslavement to habit and vice. The sky is dark similar to XII-Death and XVI-The Tower. Even with the experience of minor conjunction, VI-The Lovers, the personality still lacks the focus to continue the work. It must let go of the material attachments represented by the Devil in order to progress. This is not something that happens once and it is over; no, the Devil is encountered over and over again. But the HermAphrodite stands atop the dragon. The chains can become the chains of mastery over the dragon. The dragon spits out its fiery rage of frustration, heat for the alchemical furnace.
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