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I have two dogs and two cats and I have always been more of a dog person..or so I thought, untill 2009.. Things have been changing rapidly.. I had to care for a sick cat and the way it behaved just stunned me. (btw. she is well again now) The elegance and style and grace was all left intact even when the cat was very ill. I was so amazed. It is so unlike the dogs
I guess I had never really paid attention to the cats before? I mean *really* paid attention. Well, now itīs different. (I even had to change my avatar )

And so...I just canīt wait to get this tarot and start working with it. It seems to capture the true essence of a cat better than any of the other cat decks out there.

PS. catdoc: Did you get the Finnish Kissatarot yet? Pm me if you want one
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