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Happy Birthday... fellow Sag!

Hi Destinyawaitsme!
First of all, Happy Belated Birthday to you! I have a 9 card Birthday Spread that I use all the time! I found this spread on the following website:

*** 1 ***** 2 ***** 3 ***** 4 ***
****** 5 ***** 6 ***** 7 *******
********* 8 ***** 9 ***********

Card 1: Where you are now?
Card 2: Where you would like to be on your next birthday.
Card 3: What empowers you.
Card 4: What you need to create to bring you closer to your goals.
Card 5: Your current material state.
Card 6: Your current emotional state.
Card 7: Your current spiritual state.
Card 8: What stands in opposition to your objectives.
Card 9: What you need to do this year to make your dreams come true.

I use this spread on all my friends and family for their birthdays. I have also used the traditional 12 or 13 card Horoscope Spreads that you can find on many of the suggested websites here at ATF. Personally, I have found this 9 card Birthday Spread easier to interpret in readings and sometimes less complex!

Bye for now!
Orion =)
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