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Originally Posted by juliecucciawatts
How many times have you had a dream that upon
awaking simply could not be remembered? This is
the otherside of Neptune. It is also what makes the
subconcious so hard to tap into. When we
are using the intuitive mind sometimes we nail
it and sometimes the insight proves to be
untrue. Here we have to wonder will the
high priestess bring back secret wisdom from her
dream or will she remember nothing? Or will
she dismiss her dream as nothing?

Yes agreed completely.

Neptune is the main planet for Pisces:

"Pisces - the dedicated people who are prone to feedback and self-sacrifice. They repelled all areas of life, requiring active participation, the struggle. They do not like to take an active position in life. But gladly enjoy the peace and comfort. They have too much attention to their experiences give oppressive everyday. They absolutely must find the strength for a particular class, associated with spiritual development. Pisces possess extraordinary intuitive abilities and hypersensitivity, which make it easy to move the barrier between the material and as fantastic worlds. Pisces are too shy and insecure. In real-life situations they often lack persistence. Can succeed only through cooperation. It is easy to fall under the influence of people or circumstances. It depends on the will of others,'s point of view of ideology, which is currently being implemented in their minds."

Is not it clear characteristic of High Priestess? Neptune is sounds sharply in High Priestess Card and makes it more ambiguous.

I am always surprising. This is one of the powerful cards of the Deck...
But it can be easily pushed out any small Court Card.

She can be kicked by the Queen of Swords because High priestess is hardly ever be able to the open struggle in swords. High priestess has the same sharp mind as the Queen of Swords but she will never use it against another person if she consider it is far from her moral principles. She is not a leader, she prefers to stay in shadows.

High Priestess can be fooled by Queen of Coins. High Priestess has all efforts and enough knowledge to spread her abilities, but she is absolutely impractical. She is able to gave a birth to very bright idea but she will not be able to find idea how to sale it. She considers that all ideas should be served for mass and free of charge.

She can yield in love to Queen of Cups. Neptune is water. And High Priestess has strong abilities in love. But Neptune is DARK water, muddy...
High Priestess love as Neptune love is look like dark cave, who is waiting for lonely stranger. Who knows when this stranger will be able to find this cave.
Neptune gives overstrain sexual feelings. But the sexual energy is not in the way of real relationships, but goes back to the creative realization in music or spiritual practices.
She has so muddy ideals of love in her head she is not able to avoid, so that some times she looses many good opportunities in love in comparison with Queen of Cups who is always ready to express her feelings and is not related conventions of her mind.

The same to Queen of Wands. High priestess is not able to shine so bright like Queen of Wands because she is lazy.

So that High priestess in spite of her abilities and knowledge is fully necked before practical real world. She is always in her Neptune world - muddy and spiritual, she is dreaming and sleeping too much.
The main problem of the High priestess in her self-doubt. She should find strong steel shaft inside, productive SEED, to develop her strong position, begin to live her own mind, find exact purpose in this life and begin to act at least. To understand what she is not common Queen, she is the 2nd Card among the great hierarchy of Major Arcanums. Neptune pushes High Priestess to regeneration after long time dream, after long time stagnation.


From other side there is spiritual side of Neptune. Neptune - a planet, which takes its pupils from the material world to the level of spiritual. This is planet - conductor. Neptune is the symbol of intuition.
It serves as a symbolic expression of the revival of cosmic energy from water depths of the primeval ocean. Ocean - the source of universal life, containing within it the seeds of many things.
High Priestess is a symbol of generative heart of the universe and the sum of all possibilities of existence, but she may embody at the same time as a creative creativity, and the destructive and negative qualities. There is illusion and phenomenon of dream we can not understand the edge between dream and reality.

Therefore, besides intuition, clairvoyance, and hypersensitivity, Neptune is also illusion and delusion, obsession, mysterious fog, which lost the usual connection between phenomena. Neptune is the planet of drug addiction.

In ancient times Shamans used drugs in order to wipe the edge between reality and dream, to make their feelings of outer and inner wold sharper.
Hence there are our distrust of intuition, because it is very difficult to avoid distortion and misunderstanding of information we receive from God.

By the way the most powerful ceremonial Black Candles are made the time when Neptune is in its the best position. It makes in the purpose to protect Magician from distortion of reality. it helps him to keep his feet firm on the ground while his head is fighting with evil forces, it is the way which helps him come back to reality and at the same time not allow then to sank to the evil illusion and differ good seed from bad under the ritual.
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