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I think compared to the rest of the Pentacle Family, he is rather thin (the page is missing the armour/clothing that the other Pentacle court cards have in abundance). His pentacle is just the outline - it's no where near finished as it is in the other pentacle court cards.
There is a lot of promise in this card - like the tools are there to be used and the materials (or starting ones) are also available. The oversized wrench indicates to that the knowledge and tools are there in abundance, that the potential is pomising.
He/she looks to be thinking intently (a bit of steam/smoke coming out of the pipe on his head)
The two different shoes - one male and female - the page is a hermaphodite or sex undecided! - he/she could go either way since everything in this card is new and so undeveloped. The Page has the ability to adapt to the circustances surrrounding him/her.
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