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Greer (2006) 21 Ways - Step 11

7/The Chariot

11.1.1 – Nine of Pentacles:
• Bountiful vs. Excessive
• Storing Treasures vs. Being a Hoarder
• Overflowing with Goods vs. Stingy towards those in Need
• Ordered/Disciplined vs. Obsessive to the Point of Dysfunction (i.e., Obsessive Compulsive)
• Good Manager/Detailed-Orientated vs. Failure to see the Big Picture

11.1.2 – Page of Swords:
• Light/Free-Spirited vs. Commitment Phobic
• Bringing Good News vs. Bringing ill-Tidings
• Paying Your dues for Advancement vs. Making Unnecessary Sacrifices
• A Good Messenger vs. A Silver Medalist in the BS Speaking Contest (1/The Magician took the Gold).
• A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed vs. An Apt Pupil of Judas Iscariot

11.1.3 – 7/The Chariot:
• Control of Emotions vs. Getting [Emotionally] Carried Away
• Mastery of the Self vs. Stilted/Over-Controlling of the Self
• Victory for Community vs. Winning at Any Cost
• Triumph for the Tribe vs. Winning in a Way so Others must Lose
• Accomplishment vs. Failure

11.2.1 – Modification of the Ranging Technique:

I use glass beads instead of the arm “gas tank” method. I have five different sets of glass beads based on color: a bag of red (fire/Wands), a bag of murky-white/clear (water/Cups); a bag of blue (air/Swords), a bag of green (earth/Pentacles), and a bag of purple (spirit/Trumps). I lay out five glass beads equal space apart along an imaginary line, about 12”/1 foot in length, with equal space between each. I then name the very worst definitions for the far left bead, the worst ones for the second, neutral for the third, beneficial for the fourth, and ideal for the fifth (a Likert scale).

11.2.2 – Modification of the Ranging Technique:
I then place the card underneath the line and slide it along and have it rest under each bead and on intuition and/or context decide which one feels like the best fit. They were as follows:

• Very Worst/First: Out-of-Control; Making a Wreck of Things.
• Worst/Second: Squandering Resources; Lacking Self-Control.
• Neutral/Third: Have Basic Control & Discipline in Life; Making Good Use of Resources.
• Beneficial/Fourth: Accomplishments in Life; Good Control & Discipline in Life; Resources Well Distributed.
• Ideal/Fifth: An Example/Role-Model to Others in Accomplishments and being “Put Together.”

At this point, I wanted to put 7/The Chariot under the neutral/3rd point, but intuitively it felt like almost at the beneficial/fourth instead. Maybe I am selling myself short and taking these levels too literally!

11.2.3 – Modification of the Ranging Technique:
I would like to get the card solidly on to the fourth glass bead position of “Accomplishments in Life; Good Control & Discipline in Life; Resources Well Distributed.” In order to do that, I will need to re-examine my use of time wasters and crunch down a little more on what I do during the week to get more accomplished.
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