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Originally Posted by pickled pixie
faunabay I tried asking but unfortunately my mind keeps stepping in and trying to make up the names and I'm coming up with such names as Kevin and I'm like kevin.... kevin you can't call a faery KEVIN!!!!!! LOL

I have read some of the book now and have to say it's so... well...relationshippy (if thats a word ) I don't think I could read with this deck at all if I went by the book meanings....

PP xx

Well the first fae I asked told me her name was Lora....... I did the same, Lora??? But then we went on from there and it made sense, well the message became more faerie!

And who cares if you get all "normal" names. At least you'll have a name to call them instead of The Song, or The Paradox!

About the I said earlier I hadn't even cracked the book. Well now I've read the intro but I'm not going to read any of the meanings. After "learning" with the original FO I'm totally going to go with my own meanings.....what they tell me specifically. Because I'm with you, I don't want a deck that's just focused on relationships and love. The faeries are MUCH more than that!
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