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Originally Posted by pickled pixie
I'm coming up with such names as Kevin and I'm like kevin.... kevin you can't call a faery KEVIN!!!!!! LOL

I have read some of the book now and have to say it's so... well...relationshippy (if thats a word ) I don't think I could read with this deck at all if I went by the book meanings....

PP xx
Hehehe this made me laugh so much! Because I can actually sooo understand why one might want to describe themselves as a Kevin! and also maybe his best friend is Tim!

I skimmed the book and I'm still really disappointed with it. I always go by my own feelings and meanings anyway but he original FO book was for me inspiring this is well..... limp, and souless.

Another strange thing, I had expected there to be a connection between the 2 decks, but there's just no combining them, no way jose! They feel absolutely seperate.

To be honest comparing the two what came to my mind was "mass market". The original has some challenging cards and images which have been cleared out of this one leaving a much fluffier deck.

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