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I want you to know that I cannot find my book and box. I have been using them with friends totally intuitively. No book, no idea what they mean in terms of the creators.

I actually don't use them for relationship readings. I find the deck very accurate tho, and have had some really great readings with it to date.

Today the Juggler kept coming up and one other something about the chained man or the kidnapped man....which is an odd one I have to say. There is the one face in the upper right corner and she is downright wicked looking. There seems to be a feeling of abuse about that card, like it would mean abuse of almost any kind...still working out the kinks.

I almost always get the most out of using the deck right away rather than card by card study. I did the card by card study with the FO, but I want to approach this one differently. Not saying there is anything wrong with the card by card study, in fact I'm waiting for a thread on the Rox...another puzzle. I have an idea about him....of course....just waiting to see what else he has up his sleeve.

I think this deck has a very deep undercurrent in it. A bit dangerous feeling. I find it interesting to work with and I agree that while I thought I might combine FO and this one, I don't think that is going to work. I think they might work in tandem, but that they have to remain separate.

It is interesting because there are still cards in FO that I sort of feel are not quite fully fleshed out in my system, Honesty being one and Undressing of a Salad being another. I like using both decks. Thinking about them both and what they mean, where one ends and another begins.

Tonight they meet each other face to face. Hmmm.
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