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It was like a punch in the gut...

I got these today, and was instantly transported to Faerie...where I haven't actually been able to visit for a while!

And wouldn't you know? they were very insistent, right away, in giving me all these messages that I should with them sooner.

I like these new Faeries. Some of them seem familiar, and some of them seem even more familiar, even though I haven't actually "seen" them before.

Satori is quite right in that they have a more village-y/urban vibe. Faerie City Folk.
I think it's just that these particular fae are more social than their FO counterparts.

I did the exercises right off, in determining who I liked, and who I didn't trust.

I liked most of them right away. They are all rather talkative. Even the silent ones. They have their own way of speaking, that is rather direct.

Though the Faeries definition of Direct is still a rambling hidden path through riddles of Briars and Ivy.

They told me they wanted to join the rest, and so they have. I have combined both decks, and it was the most natural thing to do.
It's like I could hear them greeting one another in the silvery bag.

This will be a treat. Already they have taken over my senses, and given me a puzzle to try and figure out.
This fairy riddle involves the Magician, and he/she has held up a mirror to me, and I am not sure what it all means...yet.
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