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satori....I suppose I am doing a card by card study...and just throwing myself into readings at the same time...

In other words I do a small reading and then "get to know" the faeries that pop up in that reading on an indivdual basis as well as drawing a daily card.

This group is chatty...and it is interesting for me to read how they present themselves to people here on the forum....some in quite similar ways and some astonishingly different...I try not to read the thread about a particular faery until I have met him or her myself....

Someone mentioned in one of the threads that they find the deck VERY relationship oriented....and while I have read very little of the book itself....I do not find the deck relationship slanted at all....I wonder what it is that pulls people in one direction...while others go another...

Another commented that Jessica's book was much richer...and I do agree the faery lore seemed to come alive in her hands....but at the same time I am finding the bare bones approach of be exactly what I need at this time....I find it liberating....I find that I can reach out and discover faery on my own with just this little bit of prompting. While I was most glad for Jessica's wonderful guidance with the Faeries Oracle...I also felt somewhat bound by if she was the faery expert...and I but just a spectator.....this time around it is I who am the faery expert....left to wander through faery with little more than a compass....
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