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Re: These pictures...

Originally posted by Mari_Hoshizaki
For the Queen of Swords, if I were to pick similar attitudes or attendants within the Fey deck, I have two picks. The eyes and look of the Fey 7 of Swords figure and the stillness of Temperance seem similar. Also, the merging quality into both air and stone of the 7 of Swords, her watchfulness and transparency, she reminds me of the pallor of the Queen of Swords. Temperance's surrounding of air and water and steamy light has a translucent, reflective quality that might be a little softer, but still an aspect of the Queen of Swords.
just joining this study ^^ *waves*

personally, I kind of associate Queen of Swords with 4 of Swords.. that 'dead inside' eyes.. I think, if 4 of swords survive and keep on living, she would grown into someone similiar to the Queen, continue on living for her duties, and much more refined~

4 of swords is in a halt, but the Queen is flowing, already accepting her obligations and fate.. *shrugs* I dunno, maybe it's just me~

for the Knight.. er.. I'm stuck with that one.. it feels like cardboard cut, like.. there's no depth in what she's doing.. and she's somewhat fooling herself-- or others, believing that she's in motion when she's not ^^; --maybe worthy cause when it's not.
similar to Kirali's interpretation, really
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