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World Spirit study group - The Magician (I)

The World Spirit magician looks like a shaman or a Voodoo priest. He dances in his magic circle and juggles the representations of the 4 suits and the elements. He has everything at his command. It looks as though this takes great skill, keeping it all up in the air like that: The power is his, not just anyone could do this. He looks as though he is performing a ritual dance, raising energy so that he can make something magical happen with the power of his mind.
On the walls behind him are Vevers, depictions of Voodoo deities. They are used to invoke deity - he has the powers of the Universe on his side, anything and everything is possible.
Before him are offerings to the gods and a lemniscate, symbolising that his power is infinate.
The floor is orange - the colour of courage and creativity, the candles which burn are red, symbolising passion and power.

I really like this card, as with most of the cards in this deck, there is just so much there.
This magician is active, the dances, he doesn't just direct the energy, he actually looks as though he can make things happen. I also like the way he juggles the elements, maybe giving a heads up to earlier decks than the Rider-Waite-Smith deck in which the Magician was The Juggler.

Love and light

Sulis xx
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