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I get the feeling that this is a very spiritual card: the temple and circle, the offerings, the incense, the candles, the Vevers (thanks Sulis, didn't know what they were!)... She Who Watches said: "I think that his gift to the Divine is his dance," and I agree wholeheartedly! I love the image of him dancing in this protective circle. His dancing reminds me of a dancer I once saw on a trip: that dancer danced so fast and so gracefully, getting himself in a trance-like, hypnotic state. It was wonderful to experience something like that.
The lemniscate on the floor reminds me that the Magician is working with primeval, eternal and infinite forces. I also get the feeling from looking at this card that the Magician knows he's part of nature, part of the rythm of life: his feet are bare to connect with the ground, his chest is tanned from walking in the sun, feeling the energy of life, and the doorway leads to a beautiful, open landscape. What Lunalafey said about the drum and the heart beat of the Earth fits in beautifully with this!
What he's doing must take so much concentration! His eyes are fixed on the symbols of the elements and by his pure willpower he keeps them floating in the air. This is a very energetic card, yet also, to me, a peaceful one. (Link)

Thanks for all your insights,
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