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three of swords

The key to this card is in the roses to the left. If you sit them right next to the roses on the Empress card you get an exact match with the roses and even the carpet. Clearly these are linked. Its like another room in the Empress palace. The cards are designed to sit next to each other.

Death is part of the role of the Empress. Mother nature gives birth and she destroys. Hence death looking in the mirror. They would be friends.

Its interesting that on the card, the womans lips are the same colour as the blood on the wall showing that material pleasures in many ways are just as irrelevant as material pains. They are in partnership to build an illusionary existence which needs to be worked through totally. One cannot be denied without the other. In fact material pleasures lead to pain. Yogis for centuries have preached about celibacy and the importance of avoiding material passions.

The heart with the dagger in it is common within catholic art representing the sorrows of mary and her immaculate heart as well as the sacred heart of Jesus. Also in mythology with Cupid and his arrow. I recall the Bible story of the two doves being presented in the temple and Mary being told its not neccessary to sacrifice them for jesus.

I see this blood colour throughout the deck - its interesting to compare where else it appears as blood and as the colour in how it takes us to spirit.

Also its good to notice the hebrew letters on her dress - Im unclear on their significance.

Finally she looks a lot like the woman with the vulture in pentacles. However she is at full peace and action for her leads to a deeper understanding of Spirit. It is the same for this lady but it is sorrow doing the same. Perhaps she is a younger version of the same lady - judging by the hair style.
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