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Originally Posted by photokat
I've finally won a "Pam B" (after having lost numerous auctions) and when it arrived, I was quite surprised by the outstanding print quality of the deck.

Not only is it hard to believe how old it really is, but the printing is far superior to any of the subsequent printings!
I didn't want to say anything until I had it in my hands, but I now also own a Pam B! Except for the part about having lost numerous auctions (it was my first auction for the deck), the rest of the text above could've come directly out of my mouth. I also am struck by print quality of the deck. To be 100 years old, the box and book are in near pristine condition. Looking closely at the fronts and backs of the cards, I can find no indication that the deck has ever even been shuffled. There are no creases, scratches, dents, dings, scuffs, etc.

And the coloring of the cards! The Knight Cups' horse is white? I personally like the Sun without the "oops" line. The Swords suit has a lot more brown in it than it does in newer decks. And the woman's face in the 2 Swords has been changed! And I'm sure I'll notice many other things as I get to know this beauty.

Having the Pam B in hand makes me realize what a poor substitute the yellow box Rider Waite is. Even the Jubilee Konigsfurt Edition (which arrived the same day as the Pam B), the 1971 blue-box Rider and the LoS Pamela Colman Smith RWS Tarot all pale in comparison. My tarot world has just been turned upside down. Did I mention that the Knight Cups' horse is white?

Originally Posted by photokat
It seems only natural to be wanting to compare my B to the other versions ...
The planets were aligned just right for me to get my Pam B. I don't know if they'll ever align like that again for me to actually get my hands on one of the other Pam versions. But I can tell that I'll be doing a lot of comparing between my Pam B and other iterations of the RWS deck.

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