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Hi Bean feasa,

I like the Jellybaby analogy!

When I look at this card, everything including the man is 'up in the air'. I look at him and I think of fantasy, in fact I think of the coach driver in the Walt Disney 'Cinderella' video. You almost expect the fairy godmother to come out with her magic wand and bibbadee-bobbadee-boo!

His life is a fantasy. He looks ungrounded (he's walking on air, as you can see!). This card can be seen as temptation, with a warning to look carefully and make sure you choose what you really need. I also think of saying 'yeah and pigs might fly'. There are clouds though and they normally show that everything isn't quite as it should be. The way he holds his right hand out out and and holds his heart with his left hand makes him look as if his heart will break if he doesn't get what he wants. A hearts desire feel. He cant float around up there forever, at some time he will come down to Earth with a bump!

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