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Probably right Fudu, I don't know about any works of Mr. N talking about how to do what he did, only works where he showed the products of his art.

Though we may look to works by who taught Mr. N or other educational materials from that time period, also, since we can now calculate Pluto's positions we could bacctracc and evaluate it's influence through historical evidence, this still woulden't answer the top posts question, but it would assist us in understanding where Pluto REALLY stands in it's relationship with us.

To answer more directly the origin post, Mars would be the original ruler, and, when I first started researching it, I thought Mars was it's ruler, made more memorable since I still thought that half through making my own chart and saw mars was in Scorpio, I was like "whoa", come to find out later in reading Pluto was the ruler (by 'the only astrology book you'll ever need') and finding out that pluto too was in my first house aligned with mars in scorpio.. so either way the ruler actually swings there is a signifigant influence in my own personal reading, how you interpret it is entirely up to you.
(I'd still go with mars, why change something thats been that way for hundreds of years just to accomodate 'science' right? besides, Mars, the planet that dominates our psyche as the 'bloody planet' the god of War's planet, seems fitting to Scorpio. thats just how I feel, use whatever feels right to you.)
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