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Hello Coredil, Thinbuddah and all of you

Originally Posted by coredil
Of course the "legend" says it exists a Grimaud-Marteau edition of the deck with the Lys on the 4 of coins and the coins on the Bateleur table instead of the dice.
If by "coins" you mean the two red "coins" (I never knew if they are balls, coins or anyting else), I have this deck !
I am pretty sure that it is Marteau’s first edition. Kenji has also one of this deck under the name Deck 16, shown here :
They are exactly the same as the Dussere, which is know to be the first edition kept at the Bilbiothèque nationale, Paris. In fact, it is the one that came from Marteau’s donation in 1963.

Originally Posted by coredil
I saw in the museum of Issy les Moulineaux a copy of the deck with the lys on the 4 of coins but there were dice on the Bateleur
Yes, I heard about this one. I think that it had been made with (at least) two different decks.
Or it may be a 2nd edition, where Marteau changed only the red-balls (Ooops : "coins") for dices. Then he could have changed the lys for a tulip on a later edition (but personnally, I don’t really believe this theory).

Originally Posted by coredil
to my knowledge, Peter Endebrok's site is the most valuable site about Tax Stamps on cards. You can have a look there:
Thank you for this great ressource !
It seems to confirm what I thought, because Pete says : "Packs were stamped in the country of use, not in the country of production: the pack may have been printed in a different country than the stamp indicates." ( ).

Originally Posted by thinbuddha
I don't remember for sure. I got it off of ebay, and I think it may have been a US seller, but I'm not certain about that.
I have actually sold this deck because I managed to find another copy in slightly better condition. I can say for certain that the copy I have now came from a seller in the US.
Thank you for these informations, it seems to confirms also what I thought…

According to this, the deck 21 could be a made from 1930 to 1945, but didn’t had the french tax stamp just because it was made to be sold outside France. so the deck 21 could be a very early one, maybe a 2nd or 3rd edition…

Let me know if this sounds true to you…

Best regards.
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