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Hello to you all,

Originally Posted by arcano
Do not try to impose my idea. and I apologize if I offend you with this.
Dont’ worry, there’s no problem, we are here to discuss and share ideas. You are welcome here

Originally Posted by thinbuddha
The box of the original is seemingly identical to the deck 21 box. This supports the theory that deck 21 is from the 1930's, and not post 1944.
I agree. I have checked with the french DECRET which is clear on that point (as you wrote arcano, but maybe your english translator made a mistake and had inverted the meaning), : "Les jeux tant au portrait français qu'au portrait étranger envoyés à l'exportation ne devront pas porter le timbre institué par le présent décret.", which means that decks that are to be sold outside France don’t need the tax stamp.

So it is possible that a deck made in France, from 1890 to 1944, doesn’t have the tax stamp, in the case it is sold outside France. So (remember that the deck 21 has a "MADE IN FRANCE" stamp), the deck 21 has probably been sold outside France during the 30's or beginning 40's.

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