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Originally Posted by arcano
When you change the lily by the tulip?
I donít have any proof, but I suppose that only first edition got the lys.
Of course, maybe some later-editions may also has the lys, but if there is no difference in the graphics (including the copyright), the colors or the box, I think that, in a way, we can consider these ones as first(s) edition(s).

At this time, on Aeclectic forum, only the deck 16 seems to be a first edition :

It would be very interesting to see what the box look like, but unfortunally, there is not.

I also have a Marteauís deck with de lys and red-coins, but still no box.

Does anyone here has a first edition (lys on four of coins, and red-coins on the table of Le Bateleur). It would be very interesting to compare to deck 16. The best would be to see a box of this edition.

Best regards.
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