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Bonjour Igor

Originally Posted by thinbuddha
Hi Igor-

Attached is a scan of the box with a red ruler overlay so you get an idea of the scale (metric).

The blue paper is very thin. It feels as if it has been treated with some sort of shellac. As you can tell, it has a texture treatment to make it appear as if it were a fabric. I believe that it is actually a very thin tissue paper that has been pasted over the cardboard. Paper this thin is sometimes referred to as "vellum", but don't confuse it with true vellum which is actually animal hide: this is paper, and not an animal produce. It is thin enough that on the edges if the box, it has worn through and you can see the red underneath.

The red parts you can see are some sort of construction paper that the blue is attached to. I believe that the blue and red material were manufactured together separately from the box. Good luck finding something similar. After all these years, it is doubtful that they are using the same manufacturing processes- but you should be able to find something close enough to make a convincing substitute.

By the way, the boxes on your site look great.
The 1930 edition is green box.
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