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Hello Thinbuddah

Originally Posted by thinbuddha
everything about your first edition deck makes me think that my deck is much older than I had originally thought. I'd have to estimate it as being produced in the '30's, and not the late 40's as I had previously thought.
I completely agree with you. Your deck is probably from 30’s. (It wasn’t stamp because sold outside France).

Originally Posted by thinbuddha
It seems that you are saying that since the deck isn't a first edition, then it must have come 15 or more years later..... But certainly there were other editions published between 1930 and the end of WWII? For me, it seems unlikely that the box construction and materials would have remained unchanged for those 15 years, and that alone is enough to lean towards the mid 1930's as a estimation of age.
I agree again. I have a stamped deck in a red-box (which is prior to 1940, because of the 1890 stamp). And this deck is very similar to your blue box -except the color and texture. (you can see it : )
So I think that the first decks were in blue-box (at least two editions), the next ones in dark-red box (at least one edition) and then came WW2.

We can imagine that :
- the first edition came out during 1930 in a blue box ;
- your deck in blue box came out somewhere around 1935 ;
- my red box came out few years before 1940 or in 1940.
(Maybe there had other decks unknown here…)

Let me know what you think about this…

Best regards,

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