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Having now opened up the deck and had a look at it in the bright light of day, I can definitely say thank goodness Stephanie Law has posted large images of the cards on her website! Far too much detail that can only be absorbed when you stand (sit?) back and look at the card as a whole.

I need to shuffle and perform a 'new deck interview' before I use this deck for any readings I think.

Am definitely not 'clicking' as quickly as I did with the RWS but I think Shadowscapes will be a very interesting deck to read visually. I will find out with this month's ISG reading circle at any rate!

Also getting the feeling that I need to devote a fair bit of time studying the deck card by card, and that I will be far more reliant on intuitive readings off the images, even more so than I usually am. This might not be a deck for reversals either as the 'darker' side of the cards are quite obvious if you spend enough time staring at them methinks!
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