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Phantasmagoric Theater - Queen of Coins, Katherine

I've always thought of the RWS Queen of Pentacles as being a sort of lower harmonic of the Empress. The outdoor setting and the use of warm oranges, reds and yellows make me think of a warm hearted person intent on enjoyment (the red gown) and creativity (the green robe), who maintains an atmosphere of fertility and abundance (the fruits, flowers, rabbit, and goat head). She may need to be, as Joan Bunning's keywords say, "resourceful- makes a little go a long way; finds a use for whatever's at hand", yet she, "creates a warm, secure enviornment; makes people feel better; responds to the natural world; and has a way with children and animals." Katherine, however, is indoors and the blues and purples seem cool and detached colors. She seems completely absorbed in contemplating her coins. I've always liked the 9 of Pentacles. The woman seems totally focussed on enjoying a moment in her garden, filling her senses with birdsong and the smell of earth and flowers. Money may have bought the garden and the time to spend in it, but the ability to appreciate that flowers and birdsong are the finer things in life took soul work. Katherine looks as though she may be considering how much it will cost to clean her stole, lube the Rolls, and start Johnny on piano lessons. This is certainly one way of caring for herself and others, yet perhaps there are needs that aren't being met. Somewhere, I can hear John Lennon singing, "Dear Katherine, won't you come out to play?"

Graham's booklet says: "Here is Katherine, the Queen of Coins, a woman who loves being in control of financial matters. She has appreciation for the best things life has to offer. Although Katherine demands superior goods and fine service, she is also a practical and independent woman.
Divinitory Meaning: Katherine the Queen encourages us to appreciate the good things in life.
Reverse Meaning: Unable to realize the advantages you have, uninterested in current situations."
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