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see... the Magician I like. Vampires, being the undead, are unable to connect to the lifeforce and energy in the same way that we do. So when your RWS Magician holds his wand, hes connecting to the energies around him, directing his Will, the Will of the Universe.

However, if your undead you are beyond the lifeforce and Divine Will, you are with out energy unless you create it. Like a witches chanting raises the energy, the vampire uses pain (the searing pain of holding the cross) and his own 'life force' of the blood that he has drawn of his vein. At that moment you watch the Magician caught between pain beyond belief, burning flesh and smoke pouring from it the stench filling the room, and his Will to raise the energy and magically directing it to his purpose. To think negatively of the pain will effect the potency of the magic, and to let go will mean its all for nothing and he's got a burnt hand to show for it.

Just me thoughts.
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