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*I've had trouble getting this all entered without hitting a key that makes it all go away, so my plan is to start this and then hit enter and come back to flesh it out*

My IDS Guidelines with the DruidCraft.

I Pledge:

~My study deck will be the DruidCraft. Along with that I'll be using the Druid Plant Oracle and Druid Animal Oracle for reading and study. I'm keeping the Sacred Circle Tarot out for possible references in culture and Celtic spirituality, but no play.

~All other decks will be tucked away for at least 3 months. The end of the year seems to be a good time to reconsider my needs and research left to be done. I've only got one deck coming in the mail(thanks, jcwirish!) which will be checked for completeness, then put away. Again, no play! And no plans to purchase others, except maybe a backup DC. I'm not saying an emphatic no to new decks, should an opportunity present itself, well..... But again, check for completeness, then put it away.

~That said, I'll be using my general tarot books for numeroloy, astrology, etc., but no other companion books, except those with my specified decks.

~I'll handle/shuffle, keep close to my side(a good excuse to use my leather{heavy} satchel), the DruidCraft and my journal, every day.

~I will strive to do a daily draw and journal it each day. I'll be using my PDR/tarot blog for online journalling, and post my daily draws in the Your Readings forum.

~I will begin a card by card study beginning with the Majors, and enter my individual card studies in the DruidCraft Study Group.

~I will(and I forgot this when I was first writing this up) allow myself to stray from all things DC when Frankie comes to visit!

~I will not become discouraged if 'life' throws my study plans a ringer, but get back to it as soon as I can.

~I will come here for support and encouragement and commiseration and will gladly offer the same to my fellow IDSers!

I think that's about it. I'll come back and make ammendments if I've forgotten anything.
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