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The Hallowquest (1997) book is a good one I found, and the one I typed up the lessons from for the study group. It is big and blue and sometimes comes up quite cheaply, don't believe all you read on amazon marketplace etc etc etc

As I typed the first few lessons up - I think pretty much verbatim (what energy! ) - you can have a look via the study group index before plunging in.

This was the original post somewhere in the bowels of the thread... as you will see it incorporates the Arthurian Tarot Course book with some additional material.

On .com this looks like the same book with an update

Originally Posted by Aerin
faunababy, the old version has a lot of material in it which is now in the handbook which goes in the deck (allegedly, I'm going from the introduction here). Also, the Arthurian Tarot Course was originally a separate book, and is now in the Hallowquest (1997) book along with some stuff from the old Hallowquest book incorporated in the lessons. I can write some summaries of the lessons.

The Quest for the Spear starts on 21st June and there are 5 lessons to complete before we start, beginning with Lesson One: Meditation and Diary Keeping. That's why I suggested starting now-ish. The main thing we all need is a diary.

Do we just start in here or do we ask someone nicely for a Special Board??? Anyone know?

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