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The Tarot of Vampyres - The Priestess

She definitively bears the arrows of Artemis, her dress is the same color as the moon. Or the tree behind her is dead or we are in autumn here and she doesn't feel the cold at all; if it's the case it goes well with the passive aspect of the card since autumn is a time of rest when things germinate. While she seems to be young, she has some white threads in her hair which reminds me of the witch Polgara in the two series Belgariad and Malloreon by David Eddings. That white silver thread in her black hair was proof of Polgara being a witch and an immortal. I sense that vampire is a witch too. Two of the suits animals appear on the card, snake on her arm and dress, bird on her dress. The moon and the sky are both eerie and more dreamlike than real.
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