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Originally Posted by cardlady22
Think of them as coordinate markers for the 52 squares on the spread. I'll use my 9 first. It is the Saturn card in the Venus row. Column is the type of energy flowing in; the row is the type of energy flowing out of the specified square. So, I learn something and then want to share it with everyone- passionately!

Your 8 is the Neptune card in the Mars row. Visions/dreams flow into your Powerful Mind and are projected out with force & vigor.
YES !!!! ok....NOW it's making sense...kinda...LOL...

Except for the following...WTH? It's another hm....duh??...moment

Originally Posted by cardlady22
ETA: I counted backward to see which card actually had the 8 as its Jupiter card ~ ta-da! 6 and it is Dec 25th! Mars card in the Mars row - Father/Teacher's love flowing purely through.
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