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Exclamation The Tarot of Vampyres - Three of Grails

Those two females vampires are the twins of mercury (gemini), they are identical up to their dresses and jewels. They share a male vampire companion who seems to like them both, they share a deep bond. He is muscled and bears a tattoo of a snake, the animal representing the grails suite, there is another snake on the mask on the pillar on the right as well. They were out hunting that night, they went on that boat in the background and took as many lives as they could. Now as the dawn is there, they're watching the boat sinking slowly. They have drunk plenty all three, filled the cauldron with the blood of their victims. With their hunger satisfied and the cauldron full one of the sisters is pouring the blood of her cup on the ground.

The mercury symbol is under the green heart on the left side and the cancer on his belt. I mention this because 3 of cups is mercury in cancer.

I want to point that since the deck is heavily inspired by the Thoth, the keyword for this card is ABUNDANCE.
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