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Daily Reading to Learn Tarot

While almost asleep last night, I came up with a simple 3 card spread to help me learn the Tarot deeper (which, as we know, is a continual - if not life-long - process!)

Traditionally, when trying to delve deeper into the Tarot it's suggested that you do a daily reading with either a single card or a ppf spread. Drawn randomly, it has occured to me that it would take "forever" before each of the cards would be read in any one position (the scientific half of my brain spins at the thought of the statistical improbablity)... So, I'm pretty sure that this spread is a result of me being a bit impatient for each card to 'randomly' fall into place (and maybe a bit of a result of how brilliant I am right before I fall asleep! <hee hee>)

For this spread, I've divided the deck into Majors, Minors, and Court cards. I then shuffle each stack seperately and draw a single card....

..1.. (Major)
..2.. (Court)
..3.. (Minor)

In position 1, I'll draw a Major that represents a lesson or situation for the day.
The goal is to deepen my understanding of each Major by relating one to my life daily.

Position 2, I'll draw a Court card that represents someone I'll come in contact with, or something I'll learn about myself or someone I know that day.
The goal is to better learn how to directly associate the Court cards with people and personalities.

And for position 3, I'll draw a card from the Minors to represent obsticles or advice for the day.
The goal is to learn how the Minors can be associated to everyday and/or mundane circumstances.

Any comments are appreciated!
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