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"The Tarot and the Rosy Cross" by G.H. Frater Sacramentum Regis (A.E. Waite). This teaching paper was bound in a book called "Studies and Rituals of the Rosy Cross," being unpublished manuscripts of Waite's Independent and Rectified Rite [c. 1910]:

"I should add that for the beginning of the Zodiacal arrangement there is authority in the Cipher Rituals, while the allocations of the Tarot cards throughout the paths of Yetzirah being founded also on the Ciphers it follows almost certainly that the Fool is at the summit [top] of the Tree, because it has not been placed at the foot according to the usual procedure."

The Fool is therefore in the position of Aleph. The rest of Waite's lecture describes the middle pillar cards according to the GD paths on the Tree (which are associated with the signs of the zodiac according to Sepher Yetzirah). When Waite put the Fool next to last in PKT he was keeping his oath to not reveal the GD secrets.

[See the Cipher Manuscript where the Zodiacal and Kabbalistic correspondences are given. The Cipher Manuscript has Strength as 8 and Justice as 11 and Fool as Aleph. ]
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