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Carving the Fey Ace of Pentacles

This was a fun figure to carve and it actually went quite quickly. This Ace was intriguing in its artistic concept and could be carved in a way that kept the arms and accessory items within a compact area. While it is easy to carve arms, legs and other stuff out from the body it is more difficult to replicate them when I need to make a second one.

The Ace-and-Book photo turned out quite nicely. The Ace-alone was taken with the figure on a white background -- and then I dropped the shading, etc. So the figure itself doesn't show the shadows and doesn't emphasize the depth. If I post any other photo's I'll leave all the shadows from the lights in the photo.

In a week or two I'll do another Fey figure. I took several photos of Dan's deck and cards so I have a few to choose from. Dave.
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