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In the meantime this thread is quite busy and it seems to increase the interest for Etteilla.
I just wonder about one thing: as Etteilla wrote a lot (really a lot) wouldn't it be advisable to directly go to the source?
I mean the orignal text of Etteilla?
As Kenji pointed to in post #32 of this thread, the first cahier ist available as download at the BNF.
It seems also that some of Aeclectic members do have the existing reprint of the second and fourth cahier.
On my side I have the first, second and fourth cahier and I am waiting for a copy of the third cahier through the BNF.

Of course I am aware that the available sources are quite difficult to work with.
First they all are facsimile of the original print
Then, Etteilla has a quite heavy and confusing style and in my opinion he writes really a lot to explain only a few things.
But well he was the one who wrote all these things and it should be considered.

To contribute a little I would like to answer to the question Mike H, the starter of this thread asked in #34:

Originally Posted by MikeH
So my question now is, where does Etteilla himself, or his immediate disciples, write about the seven days of creation? I want to know more about his rationale for putting them in the tarot.
Here is one answer I founded in "Le Second Cahier" (pages 8 to 21). These are explanations from Etteilla himself.
I attach scans of these pages in two post.

Maybe someone has enough time to transcribe the text in todays french and even translate it.
Of course for everyone reading and understanding french these scans are enough.
The scans are from the reprint edition from Etteillas work Kenji already mentioned:
Maniere de se recréer avec le jeu de cartes nommées Tarots
Pour servir de second cahier à cet ouvrage

Éditions Jobert, 1977
ISSN 0337-0674
(which is a reprint of the premier cahier and the second cahier

Best regards
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